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Supervision for professionals

Supervision for professionals

In integrative psychosynthesis, supervision expresses more than just the literal meaning of ‘oversight’, or checking the work.

The professional has a relationship with the client and experiences their situation along with them, regardless of what that situation may be. How does the process of the client relate to that of the supervisee?

When you choose supervision by Sinteze, you choose to work using the integrative psychosynthesis model. Giel Luichjes has followed a training programme at Re•Vision in London in order to be able to offer this method. The model is grounded in psychosynthesis, and applies a Jungian ideology and an approach that stems from integrative therapy.

There are three cornerstones to this model:

  1. supportive;
  2. formative;
  3. directing.

Based on these principles, which incorporate all aspects of assistance, the supervisee can rely on the supervisor in almost any situation, because the method of supervision is adjusted to fit the situation, as well as both the client and the supervisee, the well-being of both of whom is our primary ambition.

What matters is that you feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to learn from your past experiences in an environment in which you are not judged, and where curiosity forms the basis for your further development.

Like counselling, supervision also begins with an introductory meeting between the supervisee and the supervisor, allowing a bond to form on both a personal level and with respect to the subject before starting guidance. During this meeting, the kinds of clients that the supervisee works with and the model they employ are taken into consideration.

Our rate for supervision is €105 an hour (plus VAT for corporates). Inquire by telephone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment. When calling, make sure to clearly mention you are interested in supervision.