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Sinteze is a private practice for psychotherapy and supervision. Our practice specialises in specific target audiences and themes: adolescents, males, individuals with a sexual or gender identity other than hetero or male/female, and the broad spectrum of sexuality. Giel Luichjes is the backbone of sinteze. Inside and outside of the practice, he cooperates with a group of colleagues that share his outlook and the concept of humanity that forms the basis of our work.
Our target audiences and themes originate in years of relevant experience, personal and professional interest, and the need for therapists that are willing and able to handle specific questions. That is what we strive for at sinteze,
and that is why this website was built with those target audiences and themes in mind.

If these themes appeal you to on a personal level, then you know you have come to the right place. Whether a therapeutic relationship can be established between you and your therapist is assessed during the initial meeting.
We can discuss this in more detail when you make an appointment. You can learn more about our practice, rates, making appointments (using the electronic calendar), and several other topics by clicking on the menu-item ‘practice’.

Waiting time

The waiting time for therapy is currently four weeks, with the exception of clients of 18 years or younger. Depending on the flexibility of your schedule, an initial meeting and an intake can generally be planned within one or two weeks.
Waiting times vary depending on how busy our practice is. Due to limited availability of care for adolescents in Amsterdam and surrounding areas, adolescents will always be given priority treatment. Waiting times may vary for different types of clients depending on available spaces per group.

Application procedure

The application procedure is as follows: send a message to praktijk (the common ‘at’-sign) and mention that you would like to apply. It is helpful if you include a brief description of your situation. You will receive a reply within one week, explaining how to make your first appointment. Please include your telephone number so that we can contact you if we require more information. We will also let you know the current waiting time.