Online psychotherapy, what is it?

Online psychotherapy, what is it?

Due to the protection of our physical health, we are being encouranged to keep the distance when running into other human beings. All of a sudden, another human being became a threat to our health, or we to them. On an emotional level, this social distancing migh both feel very unnatural and might not be as healthy, mentally speaking, even when we are aware why we need to follow the health autorities advices. Already are we confronted with uncertainty, the threat of illness and uncertainty of our future. Now we also have to sustain from our connections with the ones we love and who support us and to those we want to support and connect to.

Therapy doesn't need to stop

Are you still looking for support through psychotherapy or coaching, know that this is still possible and available. In the meeting with 'the other' something shifts for most people. You can share intimate thoughts and feelings, your confusion in life and receive support in those areas where you might need it most. Our practice is open, yet for now we onliy work online as long as needed to know more about the new mutations in the Covid-19 virus and its risks of contamination. If you feel more relaxed about it, we can also meet by going for a walk through the more quiet and greener streets in the neighborhood.

For some people, leaving the house has become too much of a challenge. Or travel restriction make it too complicated to reach the practice. Then you can have your sessions online.

So, what is online therapy ?

Online therapy means you still meet your thepapist or coach for an hour, but on the digital high way. Using Caresharing or Zoom, an end-to-end encripted digital meeting space, or if you prefer, by phone. The session won't be different from another session, except that the meeting takes place digitally. You might be scared off by having to watch a screen. Others have preceeded you and had to get used to it. Most people notice that they can switch and engage in the meeting more than they would have given themselves credits for at the start. Yes, it's different than meeting in person and yes, there are limitations. Like there are too, when you choose not to meet your therapist or coach at all and have to try figuring out your puzzles all by yourself.

How do I set a meeting?

If you choose to meet through Caresharing, plan schedule your appointment in the online planner. If you do not wish to use the video camera, just leave it switched off. The platform works in such a way, that you will receive the invitation to join in the session, just a few minutes before your scheduled session time.
Upon request, other forms of therapy -like in writing or chatting- can be provided if we can agree on the terms and conditions and after we have a clear of enough image of what you hope to achieve

Reimbursement and payment

Online therapy, if its a 1-on-1-meeting online, is partially reimbursed by the complementairy health care insurance. Please check if your insurance covers reimbusement. On the invoice, we will mention you have had an online sessie and the insurance company wishes to know which application we have used, so that will be mentioned on the invoice as well. We have been asked the arrange the payment at the start of the sessions online. You can also make a bank transfer (NL81 KNAB 0257 2212 04) one day ahead of the session if you prefer and not to loose time.

Give it a try!

Don't lock yourself up and shut yourself down more than needed! Give it a try and schedule an appointment. Sometimes the experience is less bad than imagining how it can be! And only through experience we can learn and grow.