Between some holidays, the practice is open. Please come and visit!

Between some holidays, the practice is open. Please come and visit!

Even with social distancing, we still run the practice and you are still very welcome to visit us.

Summer holidays

The practice is closed:

  • July 14-22, 2020
  • August 10-14, 2020
  • August 24-28, 2020

Guidlines for safety and health

During Covid-19 circumstances, some things are slightly different from how they were before. We follow the guidelines as set by the government in order to stay safe and healthy all of us:

  1. If you show any signs of illness, even light complains, please reschedule to an online session. If any of the people you live with has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is not yet at least 24 hours free of all symptoms or is having fevers, please change to a online session as well. Meeting in person is our number one preference, as long as it is safe and healthy.
  2. Are you uncertain if you can or want to have the session (in real or online), then please try to keep the 48-hours notice for cancellation. Your space might be used with gratitude by another client.
  3. We will keep 1,5 meter distance and don't shake hands.
  4. Upon entering the practice, you are asked to wash your hands or clean them with a disinfectant.
  5. You will still be offered a cold or hot drink, temporarilly from a paper cup. If you want, feel free to bring your own drink or to refrain from a drink.
  6. In case you'd like to use the bathroom, please help yourself to a fresh towel that you can also use to open en close doors. The toilet is cleaned after each use with a disinfectant.
  7. Allow us to open en close the doors for you, so you can prevent contact with surfaces.

Anything else?

  1. Is there anything you need to feel safe and comfortable, please let us know before the session by email or at the start of the session.

  2. Payment is done in the session by card or contactless with your banking app.

  3. Should the regulations of the government or the professional body change, we will keep you informed.


Any questions you can send to