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Substances, are you in control?

Substances, are you in control?

The use of substances among people seems to become quite normalised. You are curious so you want to try something New sometimes. And in some cases you were encouraged by your friends. In other occasions, you go on a journey yourself. When you used something, how was that? What have you experienced? Was it fun, or did you go bad?

 Everyone reacts differently to substances. In any case, a few switches are switched on or off in your brain when you use any kind of drugs. A pleasant experience for most people. Either you relax and forget all the shit, or you become very happy and active and feel more confident, wanting to get in touch with others. In a few cases you go bad, some young people go really bad and get anxiout and have panic attacks, even long after they have been using. And for some people, life becomes flat or too overwhelming once they stop using, so that they have to use more and more substances to feel better. Then it is time to check: who am I if I’m not using? And who am I when I use?

At sinteze we are especially curious about people who use substances. What would you like to experience that you do not experience when you do not use? So, what do you long for? What do you miss in your life that you experience while using substances? And how would life be without it? Do you make contact with others easily? How do you feel about yourself? How is it for you to feel dependent, on others but also on substances? Do you feel that you make a choice yourself when you use? Or has another part in you taken over your freedom to choose?

In young persons therapy we ask questions to try to find out what you really want. Without pressure from others - neither the people who forbid you to use and those who encourage you to do so- while we also look at what the use brings you and what you might lose if you do not use. Take a closer look, and stay the director over your choices!