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Living with trauma

Living with trauma

Trauma is part of life. We will all live through experiences that can impact us. That doesn's make you ill or damaged for life.

When would you want to work on a trauma?

If you or your environment suffer from the fact that you have left trauma traces in your system, it worth considering to explore what it takes to bring past experiences behind you and let them rest in a quiet place. That you no longer react involuntarily in situations and can  choose from a place of connection with yourself and with others and be able to choose which response is more fitting to what is really happening in the moment you are in.

How do we work with trauma?

In a traumatic event, it is often also about what was not there. Someone who protected you that could prevent the situation to happen. Someone that could help where help was needed. Sometimes a witness would already make an important difference in how you felt in the situation. Sometimes the story wants to be told, sometimes it's about how to reconnect to your body and your feelings where that connection got lost.

There are several interventions (or: methods) that are described below. At sinteze, we never work with those interventions alone; they are always part of an integral approach, in a relational setting between you and your therapist or youth coach. Trauma arises in relation to others and can only heal in this way.