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What is trauma?

What is trauma?

Trauma is a broad concept for things that went wrong badly in a human life.

If you break an arm or leg, we call it a trauma; something that is (severely) damaged in your body. A trauma in your psyche is not visible but can have strong effects on life. And can be experienced in various ways.

Some psychic blockages can be perceived through body sensations. In many cases, there is no physical cause to be found for what we then call psychosomatic symptoms, thus no medical procedure can be used to reduce the complaints and a psychological approach could be direct or what is causing the complaints.

What is of interest, is that an event can be traumatic for one person while the other person is not traumatized. This can have many causes. In general, the criteria for trauma are 'too fast', 'too much', 'too unexpected' so that the circumstances lead to a feeling of overwhelm and being flooded. If your system does not find it’s balance back, you have been traumatized.