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Giel Luichjes

Giel Luichjes

Giel Luichjes (MSc ECP) is an integrative (adolescent) therapist and supervisor at sinteze as well as the founder.

‘The beauty in working with people is that it’s always an exciting exploration. What I like about my job is that the clients who come to me for guidance genuinely want to evaluate their lives. This can be challenging, because there is often a part of you that you would rather not face. In such cases, we determine together which steps you are willing and able to take at that moment. It always works out, because the willingness to venture forth is what matters.’

Giel works with both adults and adolescents ranging from the ages of 12 to 23. What makes working with adolescents so special?

‘From puberty until adulthood (at whichever age that may be), there are so many things happening all at once, which can be incredibly intense. A roller coaster ride of highs and lows. I can still vividly remember going through that myself, often experiencing more lows than highs. It’s special to be able to witness this journey and development into an independent individual, and to see them venture out into the world with their own perspective.’

Giel specialises in gender and sexuality.

‘Although I believe that attributing such labels as ‘hetero’, ‘trans’, or ‘bi’ is limiting rather than helpful, every person needs a certain amount of structure. How do you handle that? Which description are you comfortable with? It’s clear to me that sexuality is intimately related to the rest of our lives. As a consequence, your sexuality and other aspects of your life can have a large mutual influence when either one is out of balance. And although sexuality is not always an easy subject to discuss, paradoxically, it’s very liberating to people when they (finally) have a chance to discuss it.’

Giel simultaneously works as a therapist, a coach, and trainer in the field of psychotherapy. With over 12 years of business experience and as a frequent advisor and counsellor for both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, he can see the parallels between the development of the individual and that of an organisation.

‘When a person starts to discover their potential and how to apply it—in the same way as they have suppressed it—the same thing happens as when that process occurs in an organisation. After all, organisations are merely composed of people. But an organisation has its own rules, culture, and soul. As an individual in an organisation, it’s easy to forget that you are a part of that whole, and that you even influence its heading. Awareness and curiosity are perhaps the two most important tools to that end. “What am I doing? How are we doing?” How can you apply your own strength in order to contribute to what’s important to you, to what you believe in?’

Mutual trust between you and your therapist is central to therapy. Maybe you like our approach, but you would rather have a female therapist. Maybe you’re looking for a coach. Or maybe you would prefer to talk somewhere outside of Amsterdam. Giel will recommend a number of colleagues as 100% reliable and professional on request.