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Are you looking for coaching

Are you looking for coaching

Are you looking for a coach? Someone with whom to discuss work-related questions or situations in a professional setting, for instance?
We offer coaching programmes with Giel or Bas Luichjes. For more information, visit the act value website.

The difference(s)

Some clients ask us about the difference between therapy and coaching. Every coach or therapist has their own approach, which makes it impossible to give a general answer. What we can do is tell you a little about the philosophy applied by Sinteze (and act value). We often use the word coaching to refer to guidance regarding a specific situation or question. Guidance is intentionally limited because it takes place in a limited setting, for instance a workplace.
In that setting, we refrain from discussing potential relationship problems because those are not related to work. This is where the limits of coaching become apparent. Coaching may not be able you to effectively focus on one aspect of your life, or one role, and gain the insight to make choices differently.

Therapy explores every aspect of you as a person, not just one part. It offers a holistic view, with an approach that integrates everything that influences your functioning.