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What it costs, what you can claim

What it costs, what you can claim

There are three payment options for consultation, one of which includes partial reimbursement by insurance companies.

We always determine what financial situation applies to you during the initial conversation, so that you have clarity regarding the costs.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. That is why it is important to remember that you can get a lot in return for starting therapy, and that you are choosing to invest resources, time and energy to that end. It is impossible to promise a specific result beforehand; the human psyche is far too complex for that. However, in almost all cases people do report that a therapy programme is a valuable experience that offers concrete help tackling the stumbling blocks that they experience in their lives.


There are a number of rules regarding cooperation that always apply to therapy programmes at sinteze. Payment for sessions (including the introductory meeting) is always made during the session, in cash or by debit or credit card.

Option 1: coverage by insurance companies

You have a supplementary health-care plan that covers complementary or alternative medicine, and you are reimbursed up to a yearly maximum amount without referral. Click here for a list of insurance companies and their coverage (in Dutch). Each session of 60 minutes costs € 105,-. The first introduction session costs € 75.

Option 2: direct payment

There are clients who prefer to settle the payment for sessions themselves, for instance to circumvent their deductible or to avoid involving their insurance company. The rate for one-hour sessions is €105,- for private customers; inquire about lower rates for low-income clients. Please note that only a limited number of lost cost placements is available. The portion that you pay out of pocket may (partially) be deducted as medical expenses. The introductory meeting costs €75.

Option 3: claiming an education or business deduction

Insurance companies don’t cover all types of aid. Work-related assistance, for instance, is no longer reimbursed. Does your work benefit from your development, or are you self-employed? If so, your employer may be willing to contribute to your payment, or you may be able to claim a business deduction for personal development or coaching. Other rates do apply in this case and VAT needs to be added on top of the applicable rates.

Determining which reimbursement is applicable

During your introductory meeting, we will discuss possible reimbursement options and the method of payment that is most suitable in your situation.